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Amy K. Harris is a criminal defense attorney and specialist in Flint, Michigan, practicing since 2006. She is a zealous advocate and a savvy negotiator and will fight for the best possible resolution of your case. You will feel comfortable knowing that she is listening to you, keeping you informed, and fighting on your behalf.


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Felonies are the most severely punished cases. They frequently include (but are not limited to), homicide, felony assault, sexual assault, home invasion/burglary, armed and unarmed robbery, automobile theft, operating while intoxicated – third offense, carrying a concealed weapon, felon in possession of a weapon, possession of controlled substances, and embezzlement. It is a necessity in these cases to have an attorney who will examine the case for the details; who can write excellent motions that will fight for evidence to be brought in, or kept out; who can make an impact in negotiations with the prosecution, and who will bring your case to trial.


The largest percentage of criminal cases charged are misdemeanors. These commonly include operating while intoxicated, driving while license suspended, possession of marijuana, domestic violence or assault, solicitation, larceny, or minor in possession of alcohol. Because misdemeanors are common, the justice system tends to not give them the careful attention they deserve, but the wrong treatment of a misdemeanor can stay with you and affect the rest of your life. You should never plead guilty because "it's just a misdemeanor." The consequences of such a plea can have devastating effects. For example, if you plead to a driving while license suspended, you will never be able to get any other case expunged off your record, your driving license will continue to be suspended longer and longer, you may have more fines and fees to pay, you won't be able to utilize the ten-year gap rule in the sentencing guidelines, and in any possible future cases you could be charged as a driving while license suspended second offender which carries harsher penalties. The same types of devastating effects can follow from all misdemeanor convictions. You need an attorney who will not allow the system to say "it's just a misdemeanor" to your case, but who will fight for the best possible resolution which may include no conviction on your record at all. Before you plead to any resolution on any case, you should contact our office for a consultation.

Driver License Restoration

Michigan driver’s licenses may be suspended or revoked for many reasons, most often for a failure to pay a fine or take care of a ticket, multiple alcohol/drug convictions, too many points from traffic violations, or a conviction for no operator’s license in possession.

To restore your driver’s license, a hearing is often required with the Secretary of State. Frequently, people attend these hearings without an attorney, only to be denied and have to wait another year before they can apply again.

Don’t make this mistake. Contact us before you send any paperwork to the Secretary of State for a hearing. We will make sure you have the correct information together to maximize the chance for a restoration.

Some people may qualify to seek their license through a hearing with the circuit court. This may be the case if you have been denied by the Secretary of State hearing officer, or if you are eligible for a hardship license. These hearings are held before a judge of the circuit court in the county in which you reside. Attorney Harris has successfully conducted these hearings in multiple counties.

If you have a suspended or revoked license, contact our office, there may be avenues of restoration available to you.

Expungement Hearings

In the State of Michigan, if you have a criminal conviction in your past, you may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged. This is extremely valuable, in that, any potential employers or background checks will not show a criminal conviction.

To have your record expunged, you must receive verifications from both the Attorney General’s office and the Michigan State Police that you are eligible to have your conviction set aside. You must then have a hearing before a Judge of the Circuit Court in which you reside to petition for your conviction to be set aside.

Attorney Harris has successfully conducted these hearings around the State, and has been recommended by courts as an attorney to assist with these hearings.

If you would like to attempt to have your past conviction set aside, contact our office to determine if you are eligible.


All felony criminal cases in which a trial was held are guaranteed the right to have their appeal heard by the Michigan Court of Appeals, other cases may be eligible to be heard on appeal by asking the Court of Appeals if they will consider hearing it—called an "application for leave to appeal." Similarly, misdemeanor cases may be appealed to the Circuit Court of the county in which they were held.

Appeals are detailed and complicated matters. Your attorney must have the ability to sort through your case, find any potential issues or problems that occurred, and convincingly write and argue to the appellate court that you deserve relief.

There are strict deadlines for criminal appeals. If you have had a criminal case that was concluded, and you would like to appeal your case, contact our office as soon as possible.

Motion Practice

Attorney Harris is well-known for writing and arguing successful motions that either carry great weight with the court, or may even give the prosecution motivation to offer a resolution on the case. If you are an attorney, or a defendant, with a potential motion on your case, and would like assistance with preparing and/or arguing the motion, please feel free to contact our office.

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